“Ulises is one of those persons that you want to know. He is always willing to help and he understands what  P2P business means and how to execute on it. Ulises is an entrepreneur and I have been impressed how he has built a Business program (M’Ready) and this program helps companies to become more effective and achieve the level of certification that they need. I hope to continue to collaborate with him and his company for years to come!”   Dr. Petri Salonen, TELLUS International , EEUU

“A highly motivated and energetic individual, Ulises has a professional and focused approach to business and ability to get things done. As with all consummate professionals Ulises demonstrates in his own impeccable style how to maintain a realistic work life balance and is pleasurable and entertaining company, a true cosmopolitan.” Nigel Gibbons, Unitech. ENGLAND.

“Ulises is one of the most resourceful executives I have every worked with. His boundless energy and positive outlook is contagious in any business setting. Ulises is adept at building consensus and is highly effective at simply getting things done. These skills combined with a strategic business and international mindset makes Ulises a consummate modern business contributor. I would recommend Ulises for any project or business opportunity.”  Dawson Lane, Dawson Bay Solutions. CANADA

“I know Ulises and I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times and being able to prove and enjoy with his logical thinking, strategically overview and what it is more important his seriousness and creativity facing hard and difficult task. He is one of the most loyal professional I have ever met. He never fails you and he always matches his several commitments. He is the kind of guy that you would always trust on.  Juan Jose Amor, Microsoft Spain